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Dentist Business Card. Haha clever.

Great card with a die-cut demonstrating what the business does. In this case the dentist removing cavities.


20 tarjetas de presentación que se pasaron de creativas

30 Creative and Inspiring Business Card Designs | The Design Inspiration

30 Creative and Inspiring Business Card Designs | The Design Inspiration

Photographer James Moes Business Card by Xavier Encinas

Print design inspiration

Uncoated, unbleached board business card with gold foil detail for Seattle based photographer James Moes designed by Xavier Encinas.


Barcelona-based art director and graphic designer David de la Fuente designed the fish-centric corporate identity. The main B shape has the lower hole displaced with a fish whose mouth is upturned as if about to be caught on a hook.

https://flic.kr/p/72NFwc | 佐籐 卓 | 一張09年最重量級的交換名片(大心)  佐藤卓デザイン事務所

https://flic.kr/p/72NFwc | 佐籐 卓 | 一張09年最重量級的交換名片(大心) 佐藤卓デザイン事務所

Minimalistic Business Cards Calling Card by TeaAndHoneyStudio

Minimalistic Business Cards, Calling Card Design, Minimal Design, Simple Business Card, Black white, Promotional Card, Minimalistic Brand

{Red Raspberry Leaf Tea} My mother-in-law told me about this. The tea promotes uterine health so it's good for people trying to get pregnant, those in their 3rd trimester preparing for labor, and especially for those recuperating from labor. You can take it to the hospital with you. Tastes like normal tea...no weird flavors...tastes good both hot and iced.

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Box your card! Transforming the traditional business card into a funny and unusual object - a little box of transporting cargo air. Tam cargo business card The card was designed by Young Rubicam.