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Hard to do with all these damn unanswered questions...

How accurate is this ? Why can't I set my freaking mind to something certain ? Da hell am I doing x( I dont understand what I feel.

Been there, done that. Trust me when I say it's for the best. ❤️

Time for by woah this hit me hard lying in bed when your really tired and just wanting to close your eyes sucks. I don't want to sleep right now because I want to sleep at a normal time tonight but I'm not going to leave my

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We have a soul-deep connection that shouts that we are in love.our kind of love is so rare and different. It's a forever love. It's weathered storms, and it's survived some hard times. I live to make you smile and laugh every single day.

Soul mate

Ohhh yes my dear sweet love, my soul mate. You have done all of this so much more to me and I am truly blessed and ever grateful for you coming into my life and for being my soul mate and the love of my life! Ohhh how I love you sweetheart!

I think the hardest kind of break up is when two people are meant to be together but something won't allow them to be at the moment.

This is so true on what's going on at this moment with us. Fear over a temporary stressful event is never from God, it's the enemies way to drive a wedge between those who can do the most damage to him.

It's hard to admit when you have fallen in love with someone who can't be yours. #PictureQuotes

It's hard to admit. However you just love them from a distance and wish them happiness in life!

I keep telling myself you never loved me at all, because it is far less terryfying a prospect.

I think I keep telling myself you never loved me at all because it is far less terrifying a prospect than the possibility you did, you truly did, but all of a sudden, and for no particular reason, you stopped. ~ Beau Taplin (How I sleep at night)