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Thomas Ruff, Cassini 04

Outer Space: Thomas Ruff's Altered Reality

Outer Space: Thomas Ruff’s Altered Reality - LightBox Cassini 04 2008

Thomas Ruff - Stars, 1990 Observation shots from the European...

Thomas Ruff - Stars, 1990 Observation shots from the European Southern Observatory (ESO) based in the Andes in Chile.

Thomas Ruff, ma.r.s. 08

View by Thomas Ruff on artnet. Browse more artworks Thomas Ruff from Galerie Rüdiger Schöttle.

Thomas Ruff, ma.r.s., 2010

NASA captured images of Mars underwent a similar process as Cassini but included rendering to the topography

Thomas Ruff, ma.r.s. 10, 2010, (c) Thomas Ruff/NASA/JPL/University of Arizona/VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2011  Thomas Ruff. Stellar Lan

A new book and exhibition from the German photographer showcases his use of color on appropriated NASA images.

Thomas Ruff, 'cassini 13,' 2009, David Zwirner

Available for sale from David Zwirner, Thomas Ruff, cassini 13 Chromogenic print, 42 × 42 × 1 in