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this isn't worth losing what I have

and if you're able to be tempted then it's not exactly just YOU.it's your relationship. So, decide it's NOT WORTH IT and go try to FIX what you already have before that chance is ruined by just one night.

Some times it takes a little help from our friends to find that elusive perfect match. When friends introduce us they are validating someone that will fit our lives. Friend approval does lead to higher probability for a long lasting relationship!

Hmmmm. Never thought of it that way.

To my daughter: This might be the best quote I have ever read. A great perspective on jealous and controlling men.

You are setting an example for your children's future.... they will love the way they were shown and treat their loved ones the way you were treated....

Guys, it's simple. Treat your girl like you'd want your dad to treat your mom, your future brother in law to treat your sister, your future son in law to treat your daughter.


You don't have to cheat to lose your girl. You can lose your girl from lack of communication, attention & disrespect.


Here are 25 quotes that totally get what it's like when you find the strength to walk away from a bad relationship and break up.

Really believe in this how many times in the last 2 years & especially in the last 3 months have I asked you to just go & be happy & to let's go? But every single time you come back you call trying to convince me to see you as the man I fell in love with. Tuesday you said "I've never loved anyone as much as I loved you" I was just in a bad place & made some bad choices let me get through this. Please just leave me alone.

Never hurt a woman physically - if you have emotionally, be a real man and own up to it - God called us to be men of his likeness, to be strong and walk in His love! ^^^^ (What the previous pinner wrote is beautiful)

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A "forever relationship" is possible. It doesn't matter whether you're in your or or what your demographics are. Just do these things and

Yup. I can only change myself. I can only change what I am doing wrong.

Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world, today I am wise so I am changing myself. You are the only one you can change, by changing yourself, you inspire others to change themselves.