/// i dont know which one she is yet

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I found another one with headphones! I really love the background on this one. I was looking at this and I think the person signed their signature on her cheek. That's so smart!  This picture really captures the nature of music as in how music can take you anywhere. I'm going to give a shout out to Saiyan Haruka for telling me she's holding a bag and not pressing on her headphones. As I had said in my other description. Much appreciated Saiyan!  Hope you guys enjoy this picture!

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Read Kurumi Tokisaki ~FanArt~ from the story Drawings by BubbuXD (Yuko-chan with 77 reads. Anime: Date a Live Yaaa another drawing.

Ange Fleurs

His teenage trail which only ended up with this thing which is slowly dying (poisoned by the complex DNA manipulations) (already lost his arm to it) but also resulted in a single, unusual wing but also flowers growing from him