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Shimura Fukumi - Weaver, Writer, Designer, Dyer and Teacher In 1990 she was designated a Living National Treasure of Japan for her Tsumugi (kimono) plant-dyed silk fabrics.

Moroccan Berber Rugs.. no wonder they're so beautiful and cost a small fortune... but so, so worth it!

Read more about Moroccan weaving. Moroccan rugs come from a rich and varied textile tradition. Today I want to highlight just a few of the reasons they bring so much warmth and wonder to in

tissage artisanal soie naturelle

Tissage soie naturelle et artisanale

Découvrez l'histoire du métier de tisserand, historique de cet art et artisanat qui consiste à tisser des fibres textiles naturelles pour faire un textile.

Histoire du métier de tisserand

伊勢型紙 Japanese stencil paper "Katagami"

伊勢型紙製作風景 product scene of Ise-katagami(dyeing stencil of kimono fabric)

Craftsman at work making a Hakata doll.

Kuniaki Takeyoshi, master doll craftsman at work making a Hakata doll