Hotel Skala

The abandoned Hotel Skala in the Gagra Mountains, Abkhazia, Georgia. What a beautiful building and beautiful setting.

St. Paul's Artist Studios, No 143 Talgarth Road, London (flickr,squirrelshead)

Old artist studios in London. These houses were built specifically for artists. The large windows are where the studio space is located. There are four of these houses in a row.

Abandoned for over 70 years now

The Secret Garden Carleton Villa, near Cape Vincent, New York (Thousand Islands) amazed viewers as the most ambitious house on the river when completed in The huge edifice has been derelict for more than seventy years.

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Abandoned colonial mansion, Penang, Malaysia - I'm sure we stayed here the night until Andy found a beach hotel with a bar in the swimming pool.

What i wouldn't give to find you!!!

Abandoned house in Sycamore, Virginia. Imagine sitting on this porch when the house was in its prime. what a beautiful old house, put some work into it and just imagine how it could be again.

Taunton State Hospital built in 1854 in Taunton, Mass. Built according to the Kirkbride plan of mental asylums. The breezeways were added in the 1890's to connect the neo-classical buildings. After abandonment, most of the buildings burned down. The rest were demolished in 2009.

The beautiful breezway built between the two units of the abandoned Taunton State Hospital

Abandoned by Gypsy Project #AbandonedMansions

Abandoned by Gypsy Project #AbandonedMansions

Hauntingly beautiful abandoned old house in Quebec, Canada.

Hauntingly beautiful abandoned old house in Quebec, Canada I don't think it haunted. It just needs some TLC and a big family to live in it.

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I love abandoned architecture, there is something so elemental about the reclamation of buildings by nature

The Beauty within the Abandoned

I love abandoned architecture, there is something so elemental about the reclaimation of buildings by nature sleeping beauty fairytale castle art photography grimm and fairy magical places

Castle Ruins, Poland by bjdigiacomo

Castle Ruins, Poland Overgrown jungle / forest setting - would be great for the party to come across this!