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Couples Minute to Win It Party.. I really really want to do this! Maybe even just a summer event!

The Duty Chronicles: Chelsea's "Minute to Win it" Party, paper bags of varying heights, pick up with mouth only

These 10 Minute to Win It games were perfect for all ages – challenging enough for older children, but easy enough for everyone to join in the fun! Hysterical silly fun for everyone!

Minute to Win It Outdoor Summer Party Games - These fun (and funny!) Minute to Win It Games are perfect for your next outdoor summer block party, bbq, family reunion, or backyard bash! Great for all ages! - Happiness is Homemade by sharon.

Roll a marble through a pool noodle to knock down or hit target...sidewalk chalk etc.

Spare Me Contestants roll marbles through the hole in the middle of a pool noodle to knock down five pieces of sidewalk chalk. First team to knock all pieces of chalk down, wins. 1 pool noodle per team, 5 pieces of sidewalk chalk per team, marbles

Nose Dive – Players must transfer cotton balls, 1 at a time from one serving bowl to another using only petroleum jelly on the nose.

Minute To Win It - Games for Summer Fun

Great Minute To Win It Game to Play In or Outdoor; Face the Cookie! Place a cookie on player’s forehead. Using only your facial muscles, move the cookie to your mouth. This one will bring on lots of laughs!

Fish For Marbles Game Use toes to get marbles out of ice water and put into cup for that team, relay style, team to get most marbles in 2 min wins.

Summer Water Games: Summer Marble Madness-Fill a small pool with marbles, ice and water. Then have the kids fish out the marbles with their toes and pace it in a bucket. When the timer goes off the person with the most marbles wins. Simple set up and fun!

lo que el viento se llevo

Couples Minute to Win It - “This Blows” – Blowing cups off a table with the air from a balloon. Jared was sure the bigger his balloon, the better he’d do!