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"She was the tide, always drifting in and out of the lives of those who loved her, eternally indecisive, unable to discern whether she desired the solidity and safety of land, or the wild freedom of the ocean.

Il Desiderio Segreto by Jean Osipyan

High-Fashion Nun Photography - The Il Desiderio Segreto Image Series by Jean…

O poder de Itiel.

Deletion/Nihilikinesis/Nullification/Void Manipulation/Black Hole Creation: Users can remove items from existence. Some users may simply make things disappear others may be able to prevent energy from ever being conceived.

I love the flow and energy of this series by digital artist Federico Bebber. The swirling lines go perfectly with the graceful models, while the use of black and white helps to keep the focus on the form and shapes of the images without being distracted by color.via [who designed it]

Light and Magic (5 photos)

Quantum Physics - All matter is merely Energy condensed to a slow vibration. We are all Consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. Life is only a Dream, and we're the imagination of ourselves .

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Fall tones BROWS: pomade in Ebony and Clear Brow Gel EYES: Modern Renaissance Palette (realgar, venetian red, red ochre, Cyprus Umber and Primavera) LASHES: Евгений Худин in “Sasha”