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Segovia Amil

Add cold blue eyes the colour of ley lines. Pointed elven ears and red streaks in the hair and this is exactly what her face looks like.

He stared at the waves and then into her eyes before telling her softly " I love you." It wasn't that she didn't want to hear it, she had dreamed of it many times in a girlish fairytale dream. Yet his words broke her all the same, the little voices in her mind whispered their impossablotlity. She had a fualt of disbelief, a fear of misplaced trust, and a disgust with the idea of heartbreak. She could not hide this from him.

Audrea Greyback, daughter of Calder and Averill Greyback, nee Carrow. Sister of Septus Greyback


'As Above - So Below' - Baphomet. Alchemical symbol for the unification of the…