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National Geographic Best Photos in 2013

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Haettiin Googlella verkkotunnuksesta boredpanda.com.

Cross-sectioned taxidermied Great Grey Owl, Strix nebulosa, showing the extent of the body plumage, Zoological Museum, Copenhagen. Photo by FunkMonk via wikipedia.

The Tail itself is like the wedding dress trail. How beautiful it must look when flying.

the amazing Squirrel Cuckoo.I just fell in love! Wikipedia:The Squirrel Cuckoo (Piaya cayana) is a large and active species of cuckoo found in wooded habitats from northwestern Mexico to northern Argentina and Uruguay, and on Trinidad.

The Rine in Spine Sties Minely in the Pline

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This bird is an amazingly frightening bird that shares an uncanny resemblance to Sesame Street’s Oscar The Grouch. This bird has forward fac.

gorrion en accion

Fotos impresionantes de gorriones!