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orgasmicyogurt: “sweet-decay: “ gyaru-coordinates: “ I screamed when I saw this. It’s so great hah. Natsumi Saito x Galaxxxy Collaboration Theme: [Dreamy ♥ Party] Release Date: March


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I found out about Kiko Mizuhara the same way that most people found out about her – from watching director Tran Anh Hung’s film adaptation of Haruki Murakami’s Norwegian Wood. Kiko Mizuhara played Midori, and perfectly.

frillypinkdreams:  cadney:  azurebubbles:  Fairy Kei shoes :)  AAAAAAAAAA.. where do you buy these ;___;   I want the light pink ones ;_; they would go with everything!

azurebubbles: “ Fairy Kei shoes :) ” ldkjfbldhbljbljhb what company are these? I’m looking for a pair of cute sneakers to as i dont even own a pair at all x_x wantwantwant warp