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Actor Leonard Nimoy, who portrayed the beloved Vulcan 'Spock' on the original "Star Trek" TV show, died today (Feb. at 83 years old.

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I heard there was a secret chord that Spock played and it pleased the Borgs, but you don't care for logic much, now do ya?

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Maybe if I try really, really, really hard, I can transport myself back to this exact moment in time on a real Enterprise with exactly this happening.

Amanda, Spock & Sarek (Stock photo) from 'Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home'

Paramount Pictures ''Star Trek lll: The Search for Spock" Jane Wyatt as Mother Amanda Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock Mark Lenard as Father Sarek 1984


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Leonard Nimoy wrote two autobiographies. The first was curtly titled "I Am Not Spock." But Nimoy later recanted, embraced his best-known role, and his second autobiography was titled "I Am Spock.