Wilhelmina Cooper, American Vogue March 1st,1965.

US Vogue, 1965 wouldn't it be great to receive vintage vogue monthly instead of current issues


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Vogue Cover Art Print from Watercolor Painting by Cate Parr. Vogue Print x 11 Titled: German Vogue by silverridgestudio on Etsy

1945 Vogue cover


British Vogue February 1945 Beauty and Brides — vintage magazine

Vogue cover 1957

Vogue Cover, October 1957 With a click of John Rawlings' shutter, commercial photography soared from staid sales tool to the respected art form exemplified by this 1957 "Vogue" cover.

Vintage Vogue Covers Painting

Vintage Vogue Covers: When Fashion Lacked Photoshop

Vintage Vogue Cover, 1919

Vogue Cover - March 1919 A woman in an elaborately draped white evening dress admires cherry blossoms. Helen Dryden's delicate and lush outdoor scene appeared on the March cover of Vogue.