Vogue/Condé Nast Publications Erwin Blumenthal’s photograph on Vogue’s cover in January 1950.

Extra Credit

Vogue Cover - February 1935 Poster Print by Carl "Eric" Erickson at the Condé Nast Collection

Vogue Cover Illustration Of A Woman Putting by Carl Oscar August Erickson

Vogue cover, 1935 Illustration by Carl ‘Eric’ Erickson Vogue used to cost 35 cents scanned by me

Love everything about this. Big hair. Eyelashes. Strawberry lips.

Vogue UK June by David Bailey. Vogue UK September and October by David Bailey. Vogue UK March by David Bailey. Vogue US April 1 and April 15 Vogue Paris April by Henry Clarke. Vogue UK May by William Klein. Vogue UK August by David Bailey.

Vintage Vogue Cover 1945

Vogue Magazine Reproduction Cover, Fashion Wall Art Illustration, Chic Girly Room Decor, Vogue Fashion, Vogue Collectible Book Page

soo beautiful!!!

Magazine Cover: Vogue Cover 'When Snow Falls' Vogue Japan beauty photo shoot features model Julia Frauche as an icy queen by photographer Kenneth Willardt