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you wish you were as cool as Sal.

What was Salvidor attempting to achieve through his wonderful art? Salvador Dali photographed by Philippe Halsman 1947


It's Picture Day For Zoo Animals

Zoo Portraits is a humorous photo series by Barcelona-based photographer Yago Partal that matches animal heads with human bodies. Partal amazingly matches animals to appropriate human bodies and ev…

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A great series combing landscapes, trees and rivers with portrait photography. Dream Portraits is by Spanish artist and creative photographer Antonio Mora.

Dali, “I don't do drugs. I am drugs.”

Salvador Dali and his eyepatch eye patch jewels jeweled diamond art artist surreal surrealism style

by john batho

John Batho, photo from his Present and Absent series of black and white pieces (Présents et Absents, c.

Kirsten Ulve

Ilustración editorial y de moda de Kirsten Ulve

For a new column in LA Magazine: "Just Stop It." Evidently the beard/bun/shaved head combo has jumped the shark in LA.

Philippe Halsman - Dali

Movember challenges men to change their appearance and the face of men’s health by growing a moustache. The rules are simple, start Movember clean shaven and then grow a moustache for the entire month. The moustache becomes the ribbon for men’s .

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Philippe Halsman: Dali Atomicus, 1948 Before modern, computerized techniques in image manipulation, Philippe Halsman shot this photograph of Salvador Dali suspended in mid-air. While today this image could easily be replicated in Photoshop, it wasn’t.

Salvador Dalí Creates a Chilling Anti-Venereal Disease Poster During World War II

The Sickly Skull of Venereal Disease by Salvador Dali. Poster to warn soldiers against the dangers of fornicating with loose foreign hussies and contracting venereal disease.

Salvador Dali'yi Salvador Dali Yapan 34 Absürt Fotoğraf

Salvador Dalì, portrait by Horst P. Horst (Horst Paul Albert Bohrmann) Love this artist!

Salvador Dali  D'UNE MINUTE A L'AUTRE  Salvador Dali is my favoite artist Source: http://fashionmoment.blogspot.com/2009/01/provocation-dreams-fashion-comes-served.html

Box septembre 2014

Persistence of Memory, by Salvador Dali tape to shrinky dink page. punch holes two holes in one side for a book. Make a book of famous art - colored by you. -artist use of geometry