Pat Presley is a freelance Concept Designer and Visual Development Artist working in the video game and entertainment industry. His list of past projects include Star Wars Rebels and Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series.


Discover a selection of artworks made made Emmanuel Shiu, concept artist and designer working in the Film and Video Game industries.

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"Altered State" by Pat Presley I like the oppressive feel/tone of this cityscape. It's seems very Orwellian to me. A lot like the world in "Sparrow's Gate," one of the novels I'm working on.

Romanian artist Ioan Dumitrescu has been busy since we last some of his work. Very busy.

Think of the planet behind as Earth and this would be my idea of Luna

World 6 [Sci-Fi: Grand Space Opera Sci-Fi by Gerardo Barbero, Argentina.

City on the water Concept by *JoshCalloway on deviantART

City on the water Concept by JoshCalloway on DeviantArt & Interfaces / Desenvolvimento Game Art / Jogo Art / Ambientes & Tiles