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10 Lazy Girl Exercises You'll Wish You had Known Sooner

Red hair and freckles. Pretty close to my natural color (at least before I started aging ;) )  #redhead #redheads

1 Photographer Travels to 37 Countries to Document Female Beauty

These 8 lazy girl but exercises are THE BEST! I'm so glad I found these AMAZING butt workouts! Now I can get rid of cellulite and get fit! Definitely pinning!

8 Lazy Girl Butt Shaping Exercises You Need to Try

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Ropa que debes conseguir para este regreso a clases

Love this classic comfy as hell outfit. 😘✌ (All black beanie, hoodie, sweats, and converse)

Maquillage d'Halloween : le visage galaxie

45 maquillages d'Halloween qui feront de vous la reine de la soirée

titanium-titties: “ Space freckles and galaxies and shit. Totally feeling myself today. Btw this makeup is based off the work of qinniart ”