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Archaeopteryx lithographica - a genus of theropod dinosaur closely related to birds.


The Locked Down Coracoid and the Origin of Flapping

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Ecosystem Importance According to Gerald Durrell

Ecosystem Importance According to Gerald Durrell


Velociraptor gets all the press, but it was another raptor, Deinonychus, that really stole the show in Jurassic World. Here are 10 fascinating Deinonychus facts.

Like the other prehistoric flyers, Pterodactylus is not a dinosaur. Also like most of the other flyers, its bones were hollow, and hollow bones, of course, reduce the weight of a flying animal. Pterodactylus is one of the smaller flyers, and probably ate insects, which it caught in flight, while its giant relative Quetalcoatlus, the largest known flying animal of all time, had a wingspan of about forty feet.

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Pavel Riha - Enantiornis

Prehistoric Bird Pictures