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yuria1224:   Norwegian forest cat chasing a fox - YET ANOTHER TRIVIAL TECHNOLOGIES

Fearless Cat Chases Fox Intruder Off His Land - PawNation I have a Maine Coon cat - he would have done the same thing!

Maine Coon www.largestcatbreed.com

grizzly maine coon brown tabby, or me having a bad hair day Lol

Oh my god!!!! It's so fluffy I'm gonna die! Lol!

" is THE funniest! I cried! The Loaf of Bread" (previous description on this link) . so NOT funny, people! This cat is way, way overweight and probably cannot care for itself properly. Fat cats are NOT funny!

Lions and tigers and bears! Oh my!

A lion and tiger and bear! As cubs a lion, a tiger, and a bear had been owned by a drug dealer who did not properly care for them. The bear’s harness.

Картинки для декупажа.из интернета - запись пользователя Sofy (Софи) в сообществе Картинки для творчества в категории Животные и птицы

Curious Red Fox by Joni Johnson-Godsy available at wholesale to trade customers at Lieberman's.

Мастера камуфляжа: 20 домашних животных, которых сложно отыскать в квартире

Cat matches the carpet. (A lovely cat but an ugly carpet, I guess that evens things out).

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Love this! At the San Diego Zoo they put dogs in with the cheetahs. Each cheetah has a dog friend of their own. The dogs' info was listed on the placard right next to the cheetahs'. The dogs were all rescued from animal shelters.