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Luxury Oil

Olive oil may just seem like another item you have in your kitchen cabinet, but why can’t it be more? Luxury Oil, designed by Idem Design, is a limited edition extra virgin olive oil created to add a bit of extravagance to the kitchen.

Biostilla Organic Gin from Sud Tirolo, Italy

Biostilla Organic Gin dal Sud Tirolo

Biostilla Organic Gin from Sud Tirolo, Italy (Organic Bottle Design)

Swans neck vodka bottle label #packaging #design #swan #cigno #cigne - Carefully selected by GORGONIA

I like this bottles design, as the simple white shape resembles a swan. This goes with the name of the vodka. The simple black and white colours give it a modern look.

Haraszthy Vineyards -

Abstrct Group developed the new packaging design for Haraszthy Vineyards. Designed by: Abstrct Group, Hungary.


Designer Lauren Golembiewski created the Honey Moon Wine concept in celebration of a budding summer. The “honey moon” is the first full moon of the month of June, known as the perfect moment to begin the harvest of honey.


This Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil Design Taps into Your Primal Senses



Every Thursday, The Branding Journal selects some beautiful and creative packaging designs. Today’s edition presents 20 elegant olive oil bottle designs.