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Lantern-Shaped Lunch-Box, Cinnabar

A cute lunchbox in the unusual shape of a lantern. With beautiful cinnabar lacquer, this piece is elegant even while being sweet.

Solvetta FlatBox-LunchBox

Lunch pouch unfolds to be a placemat. Then folds flat to slip into backpack.

wooden bento

お弁当 BENTO - MAGEWAPPA traditionnel en Cèdre du Japon - Made in Japan


Take Bako

Bamboo is beautiful, durable and also grows very fast. It's a great material for quality bento boxes : both natural and eco friendly.

»bottle opener and cap storage« #kitchen #gadget #gearbest

Fashionable Cap Storing Bottle Opener with Creative Design

Bottle Opener // Catches & Stores Up To 30 Caps Neatly in the Bottle .perfect xmas gift for my sister nancy

Original Magewappa

Magewappa Original

Original Magewappa is a chic, traditional Japanese bento box that has been handcrafted out of Japanese cedar.

car themed lamp shade NASCAR - Google Search- linds!!

I love this idea. You can totally change the theme easily depending on the room. Super cute for a cars-themed room. Pretty sure my boy would want to pull the cars off the lamp, though!

$45.80 | My Hashi Take Chopsticks

My Hashi Take

My Hashi Take is the perfect accompaniment to our beautiful Take Bako or Take Bako Ajiro bamboo boxes. Made of the same high quality bamboo by the same skilled

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Dinosaurs Snack Boxes

Dinosaurs Snack Boxes

HoneyPicnicSkirtwithApron-mint_0.jpg (300×400)

HoneyPicnicSkirtwithApron-mint_0.jpg (300×400)

Red Cup Kool Koozie (Set of 2) - Keeps Icey Drinks Cold! Insulated Foam Can Holder by Big Mouth Toys, http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007R450NO/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_8ZQnqb10PNQBP

Red Cup Kool Koozie (Set of - Keeps Icey Drinks Cold! Insulated Foam Can Holder: Kitchen & Dining

Jaxx Pack with Portion Control Containers & Shaker Cup - compact on-the-go way to take lunch with you to work, the beach, picnics. Perfect for kids' camp and back-to-school, too.:

Get in Shape Kit with Shaker Cup & Portion Control Containers

The Jaxx FitPak has all of the essentials to fuel your day. Meal management set includes leak-proof portion control containers 1 cups & 2 cups], a patented 28 ounce Jaxx Shaker Cup, a poc