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A simple message from the children of Israel.

Bless them Lord

Bless them Lord - Shalom-Shalom.

Am Yisrael Chai

The truth is everlasting. Even the ancient Egyptians knew about Israel, and there are still those who refuse to recognize that we’ve been around for this long. The Israel Network

Only in Israel… #israel #pilots #incredible #women #aviation

Israel Air Force: Pilots woman is able to fly up to the week of pregnancy - "Great honor"

Kids of Israel

Israeli kids (looking at the way they dress more than the nationality)

David Ben Gurion - First Prime Minister of Israel.  The airport we flew into in Tel Aviv was named after him.

Ever since his days as a frail child in Poland David Ben-Gurion had dreamed about the deliverance of the Jews to their biblical homelan.


Yeshua (Jesus)

The most brave thing we can do in this dangerous time, is say: "I STAND WITH ISRAEL".

God  bless  Israel

God bless Israel ღ✟

God said Israel was the apple of His eye. The U.S must support her.

God said Israel was the apple of His eye. God bless and protect Israel. Please guide and protect Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his family.

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Israeli soldier at the Western Wall. We Love YOU ISRAEL

Israeli soldier at the Western Wall.

Every single Hebrew letter makes up part of the Magen David (Star of David). Pretty nifty!

Judaism - The Hebrew Alphabet - Hidden in the 'Magen David' (Star of David).I love all Jews

 Pray for Israel. We are asked to pray for Jerusalem every time we pray. Oy. I have failed miserably with that

Psalm 68 - Awesome is God in His Sanctuary, the God of Israel; He gives Power and Strength to His People. (Click pin for music)

Believed to be the site of the cross of Jesus. Church Of The Holy Sepulcher, Jerusalem.Israel.

Holy Sepulchre in Golgatha (Jerusalem) Church of Holy Sepulchre (Israel): One of the most holiest churches, located in Jerusalem at the traditional site of Golgotha - the place of Jesus Crucifixion and burial.

Mary Magdalene Church, Jerusalem, Israel. Astrogeographic position: in the last degrees of the spiritual, independent, rebellious and outcast air sign Aquarius the sign of the sky and in between the fire sign Aries and the earth sign Taurus for field level  4.

Mary Magdalene Church, Jerusalem, Israel -- amazing vibe here, this pic makes it look like a fairy tale.

Wailing Wall Jerusalem, Israel  everybody said if you have been there before,you will feel eveything show in your mind....

Wailing Wall Jerusalem, Israel - Emma hopes to one day visit the western wall in Jerusalem.