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refresh ask&faq archive theme Welcome to fy hippies! This site is obviously about hippies. There are occasions where we post things era such as the artists of the and the most famous concert in hippie history- Woodstock!

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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: World Chronicle 1

The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor of Elizabeth II is a portrait of herself painted on ivory in a diamond frame topped by a Tudor crown and set on a pale yellow silk bow with her cypher on the back side.  It is a private award and the only way to know a person has received it is it is worn in public.

Royal Family Order Badges: Elizabeth II: Personal Order of Queen Elizabeth II-the jewel encrusted order on yellow ribbon is a personal gift of the sovereign to those who receive it during her reign

HOY ES MI CUMPLEE ^^ <BR>SII CUMPLO 16 :) <BR>por eso subo esta pik <BR>que me encanta <BR>saludos! :B <BR> <BR>reservoir_sakura | reservoir_sakura


Wonder what they're celebrating^_^