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Spirits of Lavender

Hot cocoa (which is closer to drinking chocolate than hot cocoa) that is rich and delicious. I add coffee to my chocolate but looks very much like this image ;

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Turkish coffee has become a favorite of mine. Farah gave me a coffee pot (rakweh) to fully enjoy the experience of making this wonderful beverage.

Music Note Latte Art... dedicated to all the musicians... Have a nice day!

The beauty of music -- latte art.music, coffeeshop atmosphere, a book and a cup of your favorite!

Greek coffee

After spending some of the European summer indulging in the beauty of Mediterranean islands such as Sicily and a handful in.

Türkisch Coffee

Surj is a delicious food from Armenia. Learn to cook Surj and enjoy traditional food recipes from Armenia.

5 of the Best Coffee Shops in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - http://migrationology.com/2014/04/5-best-coffee-shops-addis-ababa-ethiopia/

Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee. In the tenth century, Ethiopian nomadic mountain people may have been the first to recognize coffee's stimulating effect. Ethiopian coffee is a common start to anyone's day, a rich flavor and invigorating feeling.

Another cup of coffee/another espresso/another morning

*My Favourite Coffee is an Espresso Macchiato" ~ The term “macchiato” means to “mark” or “stained” in Italian. An espresso shot is “marked” with a little steamed milk on top to cut the acidity of the espresso.