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Minnie and Daisy as Elphaba and Galinda from Wicked. I absolutely LOVE this! I just don't get why Minnie has to be Elphaba and why Daisy has to be Galinda.

La Carica dei 101

Dawww, my favorite part in 101 Dalmatians. The wittle baby dalmatian is so small and so cute, and then he wiggles his wittle nose our from underneath the blanket. My heart just melts.

My man fits almost all of these.  He fits all the ones I want,  and that's what matters.

15 Things On My Disney Boyfriend Wish List. (Someone pointed out that this basically describes Thor. Thor is the perfect boyfriend!

Awww I love him! <33

I LOVED gus gus from Cinderella! I even had the Gus Gus ornament from McDonalds!

Disney princesses

Mulan was always my fave Disney girl :). Mulan don't need no man! She saved China! AND THEN SHE STILL GOT THE GUY! Let this be a lesson to you ladies out there, you do not need a man to be you. Be you and the man will come along later.

I'm so happy that Disney made her look so accurate; I mean look, she's even got tummy rolls!>> AND SHE IS BEAUTIFUL WITH THEM

i would like to take a moment to thank nani pelekai for being one of the first disney women to ever look like an actual human being.

10 Disney Princesses With Their Royal Jewels…

10 Disney Princesses With Their Royal Jewels… Jasmine, Mulan and Merida look very weird.

sassy disney pocahontas - Google Search

When something's getting you down and you just don't have the time for that, take your cues from these sassy Disney ladies.