Entertainment Weekly Star Trek cover detail (really who gives a shit about the other guy)

Fuck, Benedict has the sexiest stare! This is less 'I'm evil' more 'I will make you scream in all the best ways!

Me at the end of Season 2 Episode 3. Add a couple of tears and pillow clutched in death grip.

londonphile: “ itsddouchebagheretoo: “ Shocked Ben Meme (that’s what I am calling them) So I got crazy and made these. I am not even sorry. ” Shocked Ben should be a ‘thing’ :D (thanks for sending me.

STID trading cards

As I promised before the new Star Trek trading cards came out, I scanned in HQ all the new Khan images.

Hello Gorgeous!  Reminds me of a Cary Grant photograph. #Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch - I would happily be a Cumberbabe. This man seems so intelligent and sophisticated, as well as confident. I love him as Sherlock and need to catch up on his other works.

Benedict Cumberbatch

“ anindoorkitty: “ ‹ some McQueen skullduggery › ” First one is pure eye porn… ”