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1ソフト カジュアル デニム Beautiful natural make up

“Like A Virgin” : Alma Durand + Karolina Gorzala : Elle France June 2013 : Clare Shilland

비정상회담 82회 우크라이나 미녀 vs 러시아미녀 미인 여군 러시아 여자 :: 그저그런글

The look of neutral hair looks like hair that has never been colored. O’Connor says ‘people are typically born with neutral colored hair. It's rare that you see people with bright golden blonde or golden brown hair that’s natural.



ベリーショート もっと見る

Last week I got my hair cut short. Not quite this short, but close. I cant do braids anymore so Im looking for cute ways to style short hair. i-love-hair-make-up-and-bein-a-girl

サバービア(suburbia) 外国人風グラデーションカラー青山ブリーチ学生高校生☆-68

サバービア(suburbia) 外国人風グラデーションカラー青山ブリーチ学生高校生☆-68

character inspiration

透明感と艶のオーガニックカラー ふんわり小顔カットミディアム - ヘアスタイル・髪型・ヘアカタログ [キレイスタイル]

When growing up you’d probably worn numerous hairstyle ideas and until now that you’re grown up you are still trying new hairdo.