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Dissidia: Red Mage of Light by ~isaiahjordan on deviantART

The Red Mage of Light!S: Why do I feel like I'm looking at a young Sephy in a Red Mage costume? Dissidia: Red Mage of Light

bartz from dissidia by ~JoBerU-Uta on deviantART

well this character was from final fantasy dissidia. bartz from dissidia

Final Fantasy 7 Composition by =EUDETENIS on deviantART

Final Fantasy 7 Composition by =EUDETENIS on deviantART Deep down i was always a gamer.

Clearly there is no such thing as a "final" Final Fantasy. <---> and for this I was grateful until it left the systems I had and I could no longer play them :P

I am waiting to say "Finally final final-fantasy"

I can't wait to say finally final Final Fantasy. It was called Final Fantasy because Square made it the first one and expected to go out of business.

Final Fantasy XIII

Games in general: But to be more specific Final Fantasy, it's a game series that has been going for 27 years and is still going strong and even though its a game its had lots of effects on me as a person and i hope it would continue to do so.