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Feeling the music

Remembering Prince on His Birthday With His Most Moving Song Lyrics & Quotes: Feeling the music

Jeepers! Look what I found on my hard drive!!! :-o There are HiDef images from 10 to 20 MB JPEGS! All of which adds up to 10GB of seriously HIGH RESOLUTION SCANS! I suppose Pinterest has the hard drive capacity right? Please add a comment if you want me to upload all these! Will take some time, but it's doable! .::Modernaire

Iconic Music Writer, Arranger, Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist and Actor and Singer.

A tribute to Prince’s best song lyrics: His most prophetic, sexual, random, and sassy quotes

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today, to celebrate this thing called life." (Let's Go Crazy). Prince, you were the sound track of my childhood and a true visionary, you will be missed.

Prince 4 Ever

Prince 4 Ever

Prince is/was a deep brother. He spoke and sung about life and the world changes. Look around now, it's as if he was telling you what was going to happen in the near future sooner than you think.  He would have been a great pastor. But he had to bring the word to us in the way he did because nobody would have gone to his church for all the right reason. I know I would have hit on him every service. So God sent him to drop this knowledge on us as he did. Thank you Jesus for sharing him with…

Prince, you spoke the Truth through your life and music . through us he will continue to do so ●His Early departure woke up millions of people ●■●

Prince music is my drug!! And I'm high on it right now!! LOL!!!!

Prince specifically. 32 years and I never regretted ever. Thanks for great music that helps me get through this thing called life. Enjoy the afterworld Prince ♡