WOWZERS!  Love this - 'Rainbow Funky Vibrant Chair.'  For Sale on Etsy by ArtFromWonderlandia.
To infinity and beyond
Robot pencil sharpener
70 examples of creative photography to refresh your mind
I think u use a glue gun to glue down crayons and make the infinity sign with the glue then blow dry the crayons
⋈  Eternity ⋈     ⋈ This sign, or the Western graph for the number 8 positioned horizontally, is a sign to denote the idea of infinitely great or infinity, referring to distances or numbers.  As far as time is concerned the most common similar medieval symbol is the snake biting its own tail, or the empty circle.   It is as if ⋈   represents a double endlessness or eternity.    art; e11en ♥ vaman  891.5
Micro carvings by Artist Tukari Ehara