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Hokkaido JIngu ( Hokkaido Shrine ) 北海道神宮

Hokkaido Shrine -- an adorable place to visit in winter! It rather reminds me of a European chalet, both in its architectural style,and in the pattern of the fabric banner at the gate.

定山渓観光協会 第28回 定山渓温泉渓流鯉のぼり

定山渓観光協会 第28回 定山渓温泉渓流鯉のぼり

The Sapporo Summer Festival

The Sapporo Summer Festival attracts more than a million visitors to its cavernous beer garden stret.

Factory tours in Sapporo. There are even factories you can observe for free | Hokkaido Sapporo Tourism

Shiroi Koibito Park manufactures and sells Shiroi Koibito, one of the most famous souvenirs in Hokkaido. You can enjoy shopping as well as experience a factory tour and make your own cookies.

Trips to enjoy the night view of Sapporo: Sightseeing in Sapporo by keyword

札幌市路面電車(Sapporo streetcar)

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北海道道1148号札幌恵庭自転車道線 (Shiroishi cycling road)

Photo of (Shiroishi cycling road)

札幌フラワーカーペット(Sapporo Flower Carpet)

Photo of 札幌フラワーカーペット(Sapporo Flower Carpet)

Maruyama Park | Summer | Welcome to Sapporo

Sapporo citizens come to Maruyama Park to relax. The park is particularly popular in May for cherry .