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sailormoon goth... by sureya.deviantart.com on @deviantART

this was commissioned to me by it's sailormoon a.a usagi tsukino in a modern goth dress designed by him.

andria... by sureya.deviantart.com

another 1 for my sailormoon chibies series. this time it's aluminium siren. 1 of the anima mates. the sketch.

kaolinite... by sureya.deviantart.com on @deviantART

this is commissioned to me by it's kaolinite a.a kaori knight from sailormoon. kinda feel sorry for her in the manga.

shikori... by *sureya on deviantART

this is commissioned to me by it's her OC named shikori. the original character : the sketch : okay.

this is commissioned to me by she wanted me to draw her daughter as the mad hatter... actually i have posted this before (for like a few minutes) when i suddenly realized that there is a huge flaw ...

this is a chibichibi commission for it's friend's OC named kurtiana with a pikachu.


this is commissioned to me by it's his OC named aleesha kakinoku. i love fantasy characters.