Bungie revealed Destiny concept arts. Really awesome!!

Bungie revealed Destiny concept art - most incredible game, particularly art/graphic wise, I have ever played.

ArtStation - Futurescape , Daniel Dociu

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concept art nature environment landscape scene from the northern mountains of viking territories, viking age bridges over the stream and waterfall of a river. Viking statue as the guardian of the island. medieval environment concept art inspiration ideas

How to Train Your Dragon concept art. This is a freaking amazing concept art! And I just noticed that Hiccup is a little left behind the gang and Gobber who is leading them.


Explore Great Illustrations by Alexey Rudikov. Alexey is a Russian illustrator with a heart full of fantasy and his landscapes and scenarios are really awesome.

gw2dd3.jpg (620×917)

gw2dd3.jpg (620×917)