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Can we appreciate that he is his age...? He was only 14 or 15 in BoO

Can we all just take a moment to acknowledge that Nico lost everything when he was like he summoned the dead at that age, explored the labyrinth, and went to Tarturas by himself And you say Percy is the bravest

Interpretations of Jason's grabbing and flying with Nico, by Viria on tumblr

"Jason grabbed Nico and lifted them both into the air."<== may we all just takena moment to appreciate Nicos face.

This is the cutest thing ever because I can picture Will always caving when Nico just looks at him.

stupid boyfriends by on DeviantArt >>> It should say McDonalds instead of Burger King, but it's still funny.

Genderbent Percy, Jason and Nico. Or should I say Penny, Jess and Nicole?

Genderbent Jason, NIco, and Percy<< the only real difference on nico is that he has longer hair.<<Well, Nicole looks at least relatively flat chested, and is wearing baggy clothes.

Supposedly piper gave him a nemo stuffed animal for christma

andythelemon: “ So I now have a headcanon that Piper bought Percy a plushie Finding Nemo toy from Disneyland as a joke present but now Percy sleeps with it in his bed every night and tells it all his.