Paper works by Carmel Seymour via

With her watercolor/crayon illustrations, Carmel Seymour is delving into the boundless realm of imagination. Carmel herself describes her art as 'Feeling the mystery of the world, the way you do without all the answers.

Me vi en chiapas

I'm loving these illustrations by artist Kimino Kayoko. Kimino Kayoko is another amazing illustrator from Japan.

I like this one as it uses a very minimalistic colour scheme and gives it a very clear look and simplistic.

These fruits and veggies are created with flat colors but are given depth with the use of darker colors, and texture.

"Lost at Sea" art print series by MonsterRiot available at Society6 - pirate and other sea-faring sailor animals: walrus, bear, sea gull

These four surly sailors are in their shop as part of the Lost at Sea art print series created by Monster Riot. Clockwise: Old Captain Redbeard; The Walrus; A Sailors Life For Me; One Eyed Pete.