Ravioli ravioli let's kill some titanoli. Levi by on @deviantART

FanArt:: Levi

Ravioli Levi from Shingeki no Kyojin because YEAH///// FanArt:: Levi

Had a Little too Much by annria2002.deviantart.comMikasa, Eren, and Levi | Poor Levi got tricked!  He thought they 'made rabbits!

snk levi x mikasa - making rabbits hahaha<<<< wasn't going to pin this till I saw the last part

Attack on Titan ~~ AU where Marco is a foreign exchange student who is a bit too naive, Sasha is a little shit and Jean ends up engraving Lil Marco into his wedding ring!

Chibi Levihan!/ahahhahahahah Levi is so scary cat!

Mini comic Levi and Hanji by Akeshi-Ayame on deviantART- attack on Titan<<<OMG before i saw the last part i thought levi was calling the lizard erwin.

Sasha....This is so accurate like wow.

I wanna play. [you wanna build a snowman music comes on] you wanna play titanssss?

Snk 86

Snk 86 + I don't like him the first time I see him in the animation 😵