This one was in one of the most recent comics and the artist that draws the comic published some screens of his work including this one

Hola mi Amiga, So! I'm a fan of your art, as you know ;D, but I wanted to know if you could explain the whole "shipping Spider-Man with Deadpool" thing. Just curious :) Meow, Sammich

Your flirting is top-notch. 12 Signs You’re Deadpool Dead pool and spider-man Deadpool is on the Left Spider-Man on the Right

Been seeing a lot of Deadpool here and there lately, and all of it amuses me. Someone enlighten me. Where does an aspiring Deadpool fan start? What comic books are good? Is he in any crappy 90s cartoons?

12 Signs You’re Deadpool: No matter your sexual orientation, you're always attracted to Thor.