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Ignore me as a mind game or cuz you really dont care.it doesnt matter which cuz I wont stick around and try to get your attention. ill tire of it and go the other way fast.

True but almost never happens

Aries March 19 More than any other sign, Aries are usually prone to wanting to punch people in the face from irritation.

Very true...just SAY IT!

Aries are direct and honest with how they feel so they expect you to do the same. They don't have time for the silly guessing game.

Yup! I don't mind listening to a loved one vent...but after awhile you need to change the situation or shut the fuck up about it!!

If it's not your business, don't butt in. If it's your business and bothering you, what can you do about it. Yup, it's that simple.

Bridges Matches

Bridges Matches

match box inscribed with "may the bridges I burn light the way"

That's me, I dance at work.......at a grocery store! All you dirty thinkers.... :)

ZODIAC ARIES FACTS - Aries are the ones that sing out loud when their favorite song comes on. Might even dance a little. And I can't sing!

Aries. This is funny and pretty true. Aries is a true 'do it myselfer' :o)

Zodiac: ARIES Karma is a bitch like myself. Lol only when hurt badly enough then yes this applies to me lol.

No because fire will rain from my ears as my eyes blaze into your with that death look only aries has.

No because fire will rain from my ears as my eyes blaze into yours with that death look only Aries has. said an Aries.

Aries ♈️

"You tend to value strong, independent people rather than people who wallow in self-pity." couldn't have said it better myself. I wallow in my own self-pity.

Aries, I dont know if I believe in the signs, we are all so different, but this one did make me laugh, it does seem to add up to my life as of now.

"You shouldn't offend or anger an Aries woman. If you do, she'll never forget it, and you won't see much of her after that. I don't have the time or patience to deal with fools.

I live by my rules. If you don't like them, move on.

Talk to me as an equal.do not be condescending towards me.I will spit in your food and watch you eat it. I always win. If I'm not your equal, I'm on top.

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I get to the point that I'm so mad I start crying. Ira better than the alternative.in prison for murder.

This is what i tell people, all the time! Love, loyalty, respect.

yep - need commonsense but can sometimes over-ride it with a big heart, lots of Love and Laughter, and know what loyalty and respect are.