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INTJ   This is perfect.

INTJ This is perfect. I simply choose not to invest in all the people I meet.

If it's not worth the effort, no need to waste the energy.

INTJ fact - I don't want the attention, but I hate indecision so I will step up if the situation calls for it.

INTJ -- I couldn't have said it better myself.

Pinning bc first part perfectly describes infj attitude toward self

"I'll be there at 1." as the person proceeds to not arrive until several hours later or possibly not at all without so much as a message. One of the more annoying common human traits to encounter.

Oh yes indeedy. Why are some people chronically late? Are they missing the gene for punctuality or just rude? Drives me bonkers :\

yep.  I can manage to be both, but it's exhausting as hell to have to put on my faux-extrovert dog & pony show.

I do have a bright and cheerful side. but also a love of dark, spooky things.

I straight out tell people who I am and what I'm like, and yet so many people see only a shallow version of me.

INTJ- never tell me I don't mean something I just said for I will rain down a truth bomb so heavy it will blow your entire world up!

I always ask people "do you REALLY want to know...?"

INTJ Man this is SO me. I tell people don't ask me a question if you aren't ready for the answer.

As a teacher this often becomes a problem for me. And there have been times I have felt like I was merely pointing out the obvious, but others don't see it.

INTJ Problems: Seeing obvious patterns and connections that other people cannot, but not having the ability to explain them to people.