To make a living.

I could do a lot with this, but I feel it would basically be a "This book is just like the Book Thief and that's it." conundrum.

Tell me your stories Death; / Tell me of the brave ones / Tell me of the lost / Tell your stories Death / I am listening.

Superheroes with contradicting powers | Tumblr | This is how Blades feels in Rescue Bots.

lol sounds a little like the percy jackson series. at some point every one of them fears their gifts for some reason or other.<< we, the Percy Jackson fandom, can find random posts like this, and make it related to our series.

Lots of swearing, but also some seriously amazing ideas and points.

Werewolf stories based around actual wolf behavior- as in family-centric packs! LOVE THIS SO MUCH - Now I want to write about a wandering group of gypsy werewolves who pick up and raise homeless kids.