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首公開曬恩愛 Janet偕男友泡湯甜蜜蜜

首公開曬恩愛 Janet偕男友泡湯甜蜜蜜

Janet與男友George常PO照放閃。(圖/取自Janet Hsieh臉書)

Janet與男友George常PO照放閃。(圖/取自Janet Hsieh臉書)

Chris Pratt is one of us. #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy #Avengers

Chris Pratt, when told about fanfiction, immediately jumps to the idea of a fictional threesome with Chris Evans and RDJ. I love Chris Pratt

Tom Hiddleston finally succeeds in giving a brief answer to a question.

Funny pictures about Tom Hiddleston playing it Loki. Oh, and cool pics about Tom Hiddleston playing it Loki. Also, Tom Hiddleston playing it Loki.

There's a reason why some of them wear helmets, geez

A suitable explanation for the overuse of this pose. (Can we just start calling this "Duck Face for Men"? Duck Face For Men.

Tumblr + Marvel - Imgur

Tumblr + Marvel

itsstuckyinmyhead: “Avengers photoset more? Avengers photoset ” >>> Brooklyn nine nine reference

Awwwww!>> Chris Evans=literal angel (aka actually Steve Rogers, don't fucking lie to me, we all think this)

❣Imagify z aktorami MARVELA❣

He's such a sweetheart! I bet the mom was like "Oh please I'd love for Captain America to hold my baby." 15 years later "Chris Evans held me as a baby?"<< the vein pops out of his neck when he sees the baby

I suddenly feel an absurd need to watch the news

The only news channel worth watching, Daily Asgardian News featuring Co-anchors Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth with Jeremy Renner for sports and Chris Evans on weather. Jeremy doesn't seem too happy about his job though Renner's face is priceless