Godiva ice cream dark chocolate

Godiva ice cream dark chocolate

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Now this is just mean to only be able to look at and not eat

Add sprinkles to store bought ice cream sandwiches. Link broke, but ya get the idea. Soften ice cream sandwich a bit and roll in sprinkles, refreezeor eat.

Sweet Mother Mary...thank you for Zila cake Moulds. I will now become a baker and make non-stop yummyness.

Look at these mousse like cheesecakes(?) with stuffed centers! :O The first one looks like a berries cheesecake, then Tiramisu cheesecake, strawberry shortcake, and I’m not sure about the last! (click the link for more pics)

Tantalising the taste buds: Godiva Soft Ice Cream

A glass of Sparkling English Wine is the perfect accompaniment to Godiva dipped strawberries