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Future residence of choice: Lothlorien

Lord Of The Rings Wallpapers Desktop Background For Desktop Wallpaper 2560 x 1600 px MB not all those who wander are lost hobbit landscape map iphone rivendell quotes legolas and aragorn shire

Butron Castle in Gatica, Biscay Spain. Dating back to the 14th century.

Butron Castle in Gatica, Biscay Spain. Dating back to the century. It fell into disuse and was later renovated and opened to the public. This proved to be unsuccessful and the building was closed to visitors although the grounds remained open.

thinkin maybe there once

Spiral Castle: Cloudy Moon On the Side of a Mountain Waterfalls in a Ravine A Buck with Antlers Drinks Boat Sails Birds Fly

Lichtenstein #Castle

I was a child when we visited several castles in Germany. So check this one off as well :) Lichtenstein Castle, Baden-Wurttemburg, Germany. The original Cinderella Castle.

Hurstmontceaux Castle, John Chessell Buckler

Herstmonceux Castle is a brick-built Tudor castle in East Sussex, England by John Chessell Buckler

Castle Linderhof, near Oberammergau in southwest Bavaria, Germany

Linderhof Palace (German: Schloss Linderhof) is a Schloss in Germany, in southwest Bavaria near Ettal Abbey. It is the smallest of the three palaces built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria and the only one which he lived to see completed.

Set from around the world. Form video games and film industry.

I came across Alex Kim a while ago and was blown away by his work. He's built up an audience on deviantART, but I'm surprised that his works . The Sci-Fi Paintings of Alex Kim

The method of loci, also known as the memory palace technique or the journey method, is probably the most versatile mnemonic filing system ever devised. It is used by memory performers on stage to ...

The REAL Sleeping Beauty Castle - Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria Germany. I couldn't make it on my first European trek but I will next time