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Broken Feather Throwing Knife - Angel Fire Knives --- This would be an awesome idea for Misha's knives


Actually-good-quality knife from a railroad spike. I usually tend to see the ones that look more like someone tried sharpening one side on the sidewalk. Very nice.

Buy me this.

weapon // Peter Mason, Dagger with Damascus Blade, Bronze Guard, and African Blackwood Scales, Only Fine Knives

Zombie Hunter Longsword www.kultofathena.com - Rgrips.com Gotta say, I really like this blade

The zombie slayer sword. Because you want to be well armed in the event of a zombie apocalypse!

Arming Sword and Scabbard, crafted by DelaGardelle of the Cedarlore Forge

forzamentis: “Here is the DeargAbhainn-Cu’ra, a magnificent sword forged by the insanely talented David DelaGardelle at Cedarlore Forge.

Holy carp

An incredible helmet // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

Sword porn by Castle Keep - Imgur

Sword porn by Castle Keep

Elven Sword | Castle Keep, Isle of Skye - Fine Handcrafted Blades

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Elven Sword - I didn't know it was possible but I think I just fell in love with a blade.


Second from the left is Spencer& sword while the one all the way to the right is Vincent& sword.

Viking-inspired knife:  Steel and rought iron core, carved antler handle. Tiaan Burger Bladesmith

Very cool shop forged hearth steel knife with antler blade. See it from start to finish.


Pegasus with Turquoise I bought an athame from them about a month ago, one…

Vidgand 2 by Cedarlore Forge Sword, via Flickr

Vidgand 2 by Cedarlore Forge - (formerly Mad Dwarf Workshop). I actually really want to buy a sword from Cedarlore Forge