Ingalls Family Bible

The family Bible of Charles and Caroline Ingalls, parents of Laura Ingalls Wilder, records their marriage in Jefferson County Wisconsin. My Beilke ancestors settled in Jefferson County about

Grace Pearl Ingalls Dow (May 23, 1877 - November 10, 1941)      Grace Pearl Ingalls was the fifth and final child of Charles and Caroline Ingalls. Being only eight years old when Laura married, Grace thus played only a minor role in the last books of the series, often as a little girl who always tried to help, but often found more trouble or made more of a mess.    Grace also followed her mother and Laura in that she became a school teacher near De Smet, South Dakota.    On October 16, 1901…

Grace Pearl Ingalls Dow (May 1877 - November Grace Pearl Ingalls was the fifth and final child of Charles and Caroline Ingalls.

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Lava recently posted photos on the site of Melissa Sue Anderson who portrayed Mary Ingalls on, 'Little House on the Prairie.

Secretary owned by Laura Ingalls Wilder Family in De Smet South Dakota

Ingalls family furniture item “comes home” to De Smet, SD

Furniture item belonging to one of Laura Ingalls Wilder's relatives near De Smet, SD - recently purchased by the Laura Ingalls Wilder Memorial Society. - Discover Laura in De Smet, SD

Laura's obituary, where the Little House books are called "Laura and Mary books"

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Eliza Jane Wilder Thayer Gordon.

Eliza Jane Wilder Thayer-Gordon Jane is the sister of Almonzo Wilder. Almonzo is the husband of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Wilder wrote the "Little House on the Prarie" books, where you can read about Eliza Jane. Who was not nice to Laura and Carrie