Greg Girard. Shanghai

Greg Girard, Condemned Neighbourhood, Dong Changzhi Lu, C-type Print, x cm

Tony Skeor

Tony Skeor is illustrator from Ukraine, his artwork is stylistically related to retrowave and neon-noir. Here are some of his beautiful illustrations that are very close to cyberpunk.

Awesome teleportation dance!!!!!!!!! Love the animation!

Jenn Strickland, Animation => This girl is good! Her style reminds me of a Picasso of animation~! (Because of her psychedelic and abstract drawings on this gif.

what you think is the farthest you can go, means youve stopped dreaming and hoping that there is more, darling you have no idea whats out there waiting for you <3

We live in the jar and think the lid's the sky. But we know that the sky is not a lid.

Music to get your work week off on the right foot.

Music to Escape Your Morning Commute

Sometimes the worst part about work is actually getting there, especially on Mondays. Start your day off right with these 20 songs, and we promise you won't even think about hitting snooze.

bellatorinmachina: “ Beijing, China ”

Information - spectators could infer setting by the light sources, neon being an example of a store; multiple neon signs being indicative of a city.