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Heart-shaped (cordiform) map projection by French cartographer Oronce Finé, found in Recens et integra orbis descriptio (Recent and complete description of the world), published in via.

old world map by Oronteus Finaeus

French cartographer Oronce Fine is best known for his cordiform, or heart-shaped maps. His Mappemonde Cordiforme d’Oronce Fine was produces in Paris around

ANTARTICO -  POLO SUR-  Antarctica illustrated map - Alexandre Verhille #antarctica #map

Antarctica illustrated map - Alexandre Verhille--- would be incredible to walk the ice

Japanese map from 1708: Bankoku sokaizu / Ishikawa-shi Toshiyuki. Hoei 5

Japanese map from Bankoku sokaizu / Ishikawa-shi Toshiyuki.

A Map of the World on Behance

A map of the world I did for Nómada Ediciones.

Islamic map of the world

“Islamic map of the world. (The north is at the bottom) Or Arab MS Welcome Library, century”

Norway from:  Erich Pontoppidan. The Natural History of Norway: Containing, A particular and accurate Account of the Temperature of the Air, the different Soils, Waters, Vegetables, Metals, Minerals, Stones, Beasts, Birds, and Fishes; together with the Dispositions, Customs, and Manner of Living of the Inhabitants... In Two Parts. London: A. Linde, 1755.

Twenty-eight Plates on the Natural History of Norway Erich Pontoppidan. The Natural History of Norway: Containing, A - Available at 2015 August 5 Rare Books.


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ephemera assemblyman: Japanese Historical World Maps

Shintei: Chikyu Bankoku Hozu from Japanese Historical World Maps // Designed by Unknown

Map of the Southern Hemisphere (South Pole, Antarctic), Covens and Mortier. Find this and other books and manuscripts at CuratorsEye.com.

1741 Covens and Mortier Map of the Southern Hemisphere ( South Pole, Antarctic) Stock Photo