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Don't tell me how to be a witch. If I wanted rules, I'd go to church.

Call to the witches

Witches poem the first witch to turn says it as her first spell chasing the other witches to come to the town she lives in. They came without the knowledge they were summoned and some whose powers hadn't even developed yet were awakened the very next day.

I found this pretty funny, but do be careful when your emotions are running high.

Elemental prayer for a pissed off witch lol. Never piss off a witch. Not for use, but fun to imagine.

Raven Prayer

Raven Prayer


Gina Marie wrote: Instructions on how to find your personal symbol: mine is the Dragonfly

Instructions on how to find your personal symbol. When I did it, I saw my Grandmothers wooden cross she was wearing when she died. Is this okay to use with Wiccan?


As a disabled solitary living a very solitary life, it's important to remember that one is never alone. My cat familiars and all the sentients of nature are always with me. It's important for me (and others in similar aloneness) to be mindful of my unit

B Calm

Calming spell chant - best use is at night. Burn a lavender candle - hold an amethyst - use vanilla scented oils - and chant it in the moon light. Blessed Be )O(

So true

The F a e r i e Wood :: The path was always inside of me. Once you break through the clouds placed around your head, life is amazing.

We all have an electromagnetic field of energy surrounding us, known as the aura. Psychically  the aura is perceived as a series of colors ( pink/red, blue/green, blue, mauve and yellow) and it is composed of seven rings of light. Each component represents something different. (startbeinghappy2day, 2012)


I would like to erase the words "Silly Christian", as I refuse to make fun of any religion, but I do like the history summarized on one page:  Paganism (natural religion) was here BEFORE ALL THAT.

Odinism - Silly Christian: your calender is norse pagan - Christmas was the…


This is mostly witchy stuff. I love this path and i intend to study and learn all about it. I'm also into Gothic, creepy, vintage, witchy, photos. Many blessings.