Nicholas Black Elk's gravesite, St. Agnes Church, Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota

Ben Black Elk with pipe at grave of his father, Nicholas Black Elk. Red Cloud Indian School publicity image, Marquette University E-Archives.

#Lame Deer  Oglala Sioux Sun Dance and Rodeo  Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota  Photograph by Nick DeWolf (1972)  #Travel South Dakota USA We cover the world over 220 countries, 26 languages and 120 currencies Hotel and Flight deals.guarantee the best price

southwestern south dakota 1972 john fire lame deer pine ridge indian reservation oglala sioux sun dance & rodeo part of an archival project, featuring the photographs of nick dewolf

Chickasaw Indians Clothing | Deep South USA: Tracing the fall and rise of the Cherokee in Tennessee ...

Trail Of Tears: Tracing the fall and rise of the Cherokee Indians in Tennessee

December 26, 1862 -38 Dakota Warriors were hung in the U.S.A. becoming the largest mass execution still remaining today. The hanging happened in Mankato, Minnesota. Abraham Lincoln signed the papers to have 40 men hung because of the Dakota Uprising. The U.S. did not follow through with their agreement on The Treaty of 1851.

Largest Mass Hanging in US History: 38 Dakota Warriors hung in Mankato, Minnesota- December What a shame. Who was the real savages?

A Native American Sioux man riding horseback on a NA horse with a coup stick in the Plains of South Dakota. Nancy Greifenhagen Photography

A Native American Sioux Indian man riding horseback on a Indian horse with a coup stick in the Plains of South Dakota